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Do you have a favorite snapshot that you wish you could frame and hang on the wall? Any old photos that bring back special memories?

Many people have never considered owning an original painting because they�ve never found anything that speaks to them, or they think that buying original art is out of reach.

Gretchen offers special commissioned artwork at surprisingly reasonable prices. Gretchen will paint from your photographs (or she will photograph your subject for you.) Subject matter can range from people to scenery to abstracts, but each original painting will be Gretchen�s colorful interpretation of something that�s meaningful to you. (See the Gallery of Artwork)

Often a mediocre snapshot can be made into a compelling painting. Gretchen uses vibrant colors, great design and strong composition to make the most of her subjects.


Contact Gretchen today to discuss a commissioned painting. Prices start at $350 for a 16 x 20 landscape in oil (but will go up as demand increases.) Gretchen will not copy another artist�s work or paint from a copyrighted photo. All sizes are available.

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