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Judy Adler Morris is the only American Master of Feng Shui designated by Feng Shui Master Joseph Yu. She came to the profession from a successful 20+ year career as a business consultant, personal productivity coach, and seminar leader.

"My years as a consultant taught me to appreciate the impact our environment exerts on our happiness, health, productivity and relationships," she recalls. This fascination was galvanized into a new calling in 1992, when a client mentioned that she had just had a Feng Shui audit performed on her home. "I was so impressed by the radical improvement in her appearance, level of happiness and ease with which she negotiated major life changes that I decided almost immediately to become a trained Feng Shui professional."

What followed that decision was years of intensive study and practice, including hundreds of hours during which Ms. Morris developed expertise in diverse aspects of Feng Shui theory and practice. "I first trained with a teacher who had an interior design background. When I discovered the ancient and traditional Feng Shui, I searched for a teacher who was grounded in this rich Chinese system."

She now considers herself to be a lifelong student and practitioner of Time-Space Feng Shui through her teacher, Master Joseph Yu.

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