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Gretchen is a Certified Professional Time �Space Feng Shui practitioner through the Feng Shui Research Center, USA.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese method of determining the energy flow in your home and environment. Developed over thousands of years, traditional Feng Shui practice uses the language of nature and the five elements:
Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood.

Useful for any environment, Feng Shui allows for the best flow of qi (chi) to bring health and wealth into your home and can improve your quality of life, health, and relationships.

Feng Shui is specific to each person�s home or office; it is not �one size fits all.� Most books on Feng Shui available to Westerners use a simplified method that is not very effective, and can be confusing to apply. A good practitioner will take into account the compass reading of your house, its position on the site, and the year it was built. It is a multilayered �time-space� practice.

As well as Feng Shui for home and business, Gretchen�s studies in Chinese metaphysics include the Four Pillars of Destiny (Chinese astrology); I-Ching; and Face Reading. Gretchen is fortunate to have been able to study in person with Master Judy Adler Morris, Master Joseph Yu, and Master Isaac Chung.

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